The Mystery of Bila Land

The Mystery of Bila Land

“A warrior is meditating at the foot of a giant snow-capped mountain, surrounded by vibrant flowers, lush green fields and a flowing water stream.

A warrior is sitting inside a dark cave with a large hole on the roof from where the water flowing over his head.

A warrior is fighting a battle. There is chaos all around…there is fire all around…the destruction has begun”

What do these dreams signify for Vibhas? Why are these visuals hounding him for the past fifteen years? Who is this warrior? What is his dream trying to make him realize?

The key to these questions is found in the midst of a trek to the mighty Himalayas, when Vibhas splits up from his trekking group and enters the gorgeous land of the Bilas, a local tribe belonging to a forest in the Himalayan mountains.

The shocking truth about his dreams is revealed in the Bila Land, which hosts all the places that he has been seeing in his dreams for the past fifteen years.

However, there is more than just the answers to his dreams to be found here. As truth after truth gets unveiled, Vibhas realizes that what Bila Land has to offer him is an experience that no human kind has ever had.


“Not even a single page of this book makes you bore. On the other hand, the narrative is too strong to stop turning the pages.”

“The twists and turns in the story are extraordinarily presented by the author. The style of narration is so strong and gripping that I was unable to put the down the book most of the time”

“With his debut novel, Nitish Krishna has certainly proved his worth as a storyteller”


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