About Author

I’m Nitish Krishna, an aspiring writer by the night and a market research consultant by the day. My books combine my passion for story-telling with thriller and fantasy in a fast-paced style. I love exploring cultures, places and food.

The Idea

It was a dream. Yes, a dream, when I was about 12. It has stayed back with me since then. As we all know, some dreams stay back with us forever. This was one of those kinds that motivated me to come up with this unique story.

The last few years of my life has been a beautiful journey that transformed me as a person. As I started writing my book, I realized the value of every moment that we live. I realized the value of every second. I have written chapters of this book traveling in a bus, in my office bay area, at odd hours of the day and night.

Next Project

My next Project…

Quest for the lost land is my next project which is a sequel to The Mystery of Bila Land and will end the fascinating journey of Vibhas.

I will regularly update my progress in this space. Stay tuned!